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                         Proudly made in USA: Grown in Southern Oregon and hand crafted in Healdsburg, California.

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Arbor Kits and
Components create an
architectural focal point
to your home
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Double garage door arbor bracket and trellis installation, California.
Close up Arbor Brackets, California installation.
Original design
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Let us help you figure out what arbor components you need.

  1. Email a photo of the location for your proposed arbor.
  2. Tell us the width of the door, window or opening from outside trim to outside trim.
  3. Tell us your zip code.
  4. Email us at: aurjor@sonic.net

We will send you quotes for several arbor variations.

  • Our arbors add picturesque architectural elements. The unique arbor brackets and lath are the perfect accent to distinguish any home. Create instant curb appeal with our EASY TO INSTALL arbor kits.
  • Create garage arbors, window arbors and door arbors using our arbor kits. Pick and choose the components you need.
  • Arbors create shade and a support for your favorite vine.
  • Arbor kits are composed of a variety of components which include arbor brackets and lath. The lath is available in several styles and combinations. Please click on our PDF catalog to see all of the components.
  • All components are hand crafted from dry, sustainably harvested Port Orford cedar from southern Oregon. This beautiful white cedar is the most durable of all the cedars.
  • The arbor components are finish sanded and ready to paint, stain or clear finish.
  • Check out our Decorative Window Shelves for more architectural accents for your home Window Shelves
  • We recommend a center support or bracket be placed every 6' to 7' for lath support

    Arbor brackets and center supports sold individually. Dimensions: 24"d X 24"h.
  • Each end arbor bracket • $88.
  • Center arbor support • $55.
    (Dimensions: 24" depth, mounting plate 7" w x 5-1/2h)
  • Lathing Strips
  • 1-1/2" square Lathing strips available in following lengths:
  • 28" @ $4.95 • 6' @ $9.90 • 7' @ $11.55
  • • 8' @ $13.20.
  • 1-1/2" x 3-1/2" lath support with end detail in following lengths:
    6'@ $27.50 • 7'@ $30.25 • 8'@ $33.00.
  • Attach to any structure with standard lag bolts
    in the appropriate length. Mounting hardware & lath not included.
  • Download PDF Catalogue Sheet

Shade arbor bracket and lath Seattle installation.
Original Design

NEW DESIGN: The Craftsman

Now choose from TWO designs !
click photo for a larger view

New arbor design by Arbor Originals
New design, The Craftsman

New arbor support design by arbor originals, Healdsburg, Calif.
The Craftsman center support

contemporary arbor
NEW! Contemporary
Contemporary arbor
Contemporary center support

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